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About Us

Welcome to NOUT.AM

Hello dear Visitor, here are few words about our company and experience...
Even being a fairly young company, established in 2008, NOUT is formed by a number of well-experienced enthusiast & computing professionals team, to satisfy our markets' (Armenia & neighbor Countries) growing demand for retail & corporate products: both in B2B and B2C areas. NOUT is positioned between end user customer and known manufacturer, providing not only complete solutions and delivery/consultancy, but also hardware components & software solutions, to fulfill growing demands of each business sector. We believe there are lots of rooms for computing & servers business to grow because data expands to fill the memory available.

We have 3 main business directions:
* Computing & Digital hardware sales (we also concentrate on system building, gaming products & extreme hardware configuring)
* Servers/Networks Corporate Solutions (Complete integration of servers/network equipment, from simple router to top level Blade Servers)
* Software/Web Development, Servers & Engines Optimization

One of our main success solutions was Opening of FREE Online School for programmers & developers, where Young people get chance to get there education for free without any extra charges, and build their own future.
The CAMPUS project which started May of 2016 have over 4,000 registered members now which learn and get trained of new techniques of programming languages every day, online at home.

We work with big bench of brands and chose the best solutions for our customers. You can always find cost effective solution or advice talking to our sales professionals and engineers.

Again, on behalf of NOUT, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. We sincerely hope you find our website helpful, as we are always seeking the best way to provide quality products/services. We are looking forward to having your patronage.

Thank you very much, visit us somehow, when u are in Armenia:)

About Us