Game Testing Console Extension Solution

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Centralized and integrated management for game development and testing

The customer required an expandable and centrally manageable solution that would allow shifting certain equipment to the server room thus providing the scalability to increase the number of game testers in existing premises.
The customer was looking for a fast and simple installation in a complex environment with limited space. The request was for a centralized management and distribution solution for connections between servers, monitors, transmitters and receivers, with transfer of high-quality image data in real-time.
Because of the growing test division, the customer needed to place consoles in a convenient space and computers in a secure location - away from the keyboard, controller and display in use.
It was also essential for each game tester to receive high definition video signals without delay and have the flexibility to switch between viewing profiles quickly and easily.
ATEN provided the perfect solution with the Altusen™ Series of KVM over IP extenders and Matrix Manager Software. By integrating hundreds of pairs of KE6900 with the CCKM Matrix Manager, the ATEN solution allows a secure and reliable connection to any gaming console or computer conveniently located in the server room.
The project has been started with proof of concept, ELKO delivered first two units of KE6900 (T+R) to be tested. Besides that, ELKO team and system integrator made a complete presentation of solution to customer, based on documentation provided by ATEN team. During the testing of existing network and configuration, technical team from ATEN was also involved to fix the behavior of different devices.
Simple, centralized access control
ATEN’s CCKM Matrix Manager Software provides the tools to centralize the control and management of all KE6900 devices. Administrators can set different permissions to meet users’ requirements.
Future-proof, expandable solution
One of the many advantages of ATEN’s KVM over IP solution is that it provides the management team with the scalability to add additional game testers and consoles in the future utilizing the same IT infrastructure.
Full HD resolution
The KE6900 Series IP-based DVI KVM Extender supports video and USB connectivity at each end, allowing the testing team to view the games in high-quality 1080p across multiple displays while providing USB connections for their controls.
Secure, long distance data transmission
The KE6900 Series utilizes AES-128 bit encryption to secure all data before it is transmitted over a long distance network and decrypts the data on the receiver unit. This ensures software development information cannot be hijacked by unauthorized users. The support for long distance transmissions also ensures that access to the server room can be restricted.
Deployment by system integrator COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS S.R.L.
Consulting and product supply by ELKO
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