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Credit purchase terms

The basic demands and required documents in NOUT.AM for processing a credit-application are listed below:

  • Credit is formulating (processing) on the place, mostly without a reference from the employer.
  • The customer have to present a passport, social or identification card (ID card).
  • The customer must be a citizen of RA 22-70 years old and be a formal employee of any organization or have a history of good credit shopping.
  • Credit is provided to the residents of all regions of RA.
  • Annual surcharge is 12-14% depending on credit approval system.
  • Credit payment duration is 3-24 months.։
  • There aren`t any sanctions in case of early paid credit.

Also note that

  • for the employees of power agencies it is necessary to present a reference from the employer or a certificate of service.
  • for the sole proprietors the basis for the Credit is the individual entrepreneur registration certificate and tax code (TIN), as the earnings corroborate document .

NOUT.AM cooperates only with banks that provide the most appropriate credit terms for customers. Most of our clients have the opportunity to get 0% prepayment, and there are not any disguised and hidden rates.

Tel: +374 60 70 77 77, Credit Specialist +374 93 255-200