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About Us

Welcome to NOUT.AM

2010, October 7th, late evening, LA, USA. Me & my close friends were having whisky in LA, thinking about BIG things, talking futuristic, dreaming about flying cars and AI machines which will help the world to become better. One of my friends asked me “if I’m gonna produce robots” - I said ”1st we need to train People, who’ll be ready ready love AI, because of all successfull methods are meant to be dynamic, as the LIFE is never the same again... and the 1st country, where AI and IT is one of the most developed, was my own one, so we started all in EVN, Armenia, and now we’re the regional leader or computing & digital technology products sales, one of top 1,000 tax payers in Armenia, having in range over 140,000 names of products over from 550 known brands, with really fast worldwide shipment...and best computer builds, being NVIDIA’s official partner. if You ask me, how this could happen, I’ll answer the same - All successfull methods are meant to be dynamic, just You have to be biggest enthusiasts of techs and if You visit us, You will become one as well...

Nerses Avdalyan, CEO & Founder, NOUT

About Us